The Italian wineries work DIRECTLY with the Japanese client as far as invoicing and logistic is concern.

We are NOT brokers, we are NOT intermediate and we are NOT traditional agents.

We do NOT work spot.

Velitti & Velitti is based in Japan in Tokyo Aoyama district and in Italy in Florence Chianti Area.

and more…

In the last 16 years in Japan after building the Italian wine and food portfolio for Arcane Limited and for Enoteca Ltd the Italian wine portfolio, TODAY Velitti &Velitti is the only Brand Ambassador and Export management Italian wine company specializing in sourcing and promoting the best Italy has to offer, from very famous wineries to small artisanal ones.

The Italian and Japanese team of Velitti &Velitti work very hard to ensure that the wineries it represent are properly managed and distributed in Japan.

We always work in total transparency with both the wineries and the Japanese clients.